3D Renderings - the history of Archiform 3D

Archiform 3D is a digital media company that specialises in the property industry. We use 3D renderings, animations, video, DVD and the internet to create stunning presentations for off the plan real estate sales. 3D renderings and animations were the first foray away from the original direction of luxury residential design. Steve Bell, the director of Archiform 3D, brought 3D design and animations to the people in the 1990s, producing videotape presentations and detailed photomontage 3D renderings.

Today the video production and website design disciplines not just aid the 3D work but they stand on their own, with many large corporations using us to produce real estate and property orientated presentations regardless of the use of 3D rendered artwork.

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  3D rendering of a dining room   3D rendering of a spa bath  
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